First and Ever time Sri lanka receive Asia Cup Road Racing.


By issuing a press release the Federation of Motorcycle Sports in Sri Lanka announced that it was invited by the Asian Federation Internationale Motorcycle to participate in the 2015 FIM Asia General Assembly which is to be held in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia from 14th to 17th Janaury 2016.

During this Gala Ceremony Sri Lanka will receive the prestigious award of the Asia Cup Road Racing (ACRR) and to receive this award Officials from the Ministry of Sport & the Federation of Motorcycle Sports took wings to Malaysia on 14th January 2016, the Federation said.

We are greatly humbled and honoured to receive this award as this is the first time in the 102 year history of the Federation of International Motorcycling the world body for Motorcycle Sports, that Sri Lanka has ever been awarded a championship trophy, it said.

The federation further said that two teenaged riders namely Jaden and Aaron Gunawardena who just happen to be brothers came through a National selection process and with the blessings of the Sri Lanka Federation & the Ministry of Sports have won this award and have brought glory to the country.