Some people wants to destroyed UNP through President Sirisena


State Minister Sujeewa Senasinghe said that he is badly disappointed about the President.

The state minister made this observation while addressing a press conference at the UNP headquarters Sirikotha in Pitakotte

He further said that he called Arjun Aloysius only to write the book about the Bond issue and challenged the CID to prove that he called to commit a fraud.

He added that he expects to take legal action in this regard in the future and noted that appointing a commission only to probe the Bond issue from 2015 was a conspiracy to destroy the UNP.

The President should not become party to the wants of some people to destroy the young politicians of the UNP, he said.

“I am actually badly disappointed about the President. We elected him by making sacrifices. A certain organization had told the President that he could gain power in 2020 by destroying both the Rajapaksas and the UNP. I called and told him about this a month ago. What did he do by extending this commission? Mud is being slung at us by extending and extending this commission.

“Where are Presidential Commissions for the Mig deals. Where are the commissions for Ship deals, advertising deals and spectrum deals? Seven billion of public money. I am telling the President that we are also of the same age as his children. If he is protecting his children, if he is being hit by E-news, in the same way it’s not correct for a certain media to attack us.

“I am telling the President that he willfully did not start probing this from 2008, but started from 2015. He could have easily looked at how Bonds were handled from 2008. Why couldn’t this be done when we asked him? What was done here was a conspiracy against the UNP. I am committed to protecting the UNP,” the state minister said.